About Us

The semiconductor startup landscape is in the midst of a renaissance of sorts thanks to megatrends in IoT, data centers, biomedical innovations, and mobile.  Silicon Catalyst is the world's first incubator focused exclusively on semiconductor solutions startups.  We address the challenges faced by these startups while guiding them from PowerPoint to prototype, to the formation of a company.  The prevailing consensus sees over 30 billion connected devices by 2020 with 60% of innovations in IoT this year alone coming from startups.  Silicon Catalyst exists to spur startup innovation in the semiconductor industry.  With nearly 100 startup companies screened by us from around the world since April of 2015, Silicon Catalyst is reenergizing the semiconductor startup community and ecosystem.   

A recipient of the prestigious UBM Canon Startup Company of the Year in 2015, Silicon Catalyst selects startups to incubate in conjunction with our ecosystem of in-kind partners, industry-leading companies, and potential investors. This process leads to our start-ups forming deep relationships with people that provide value to their long-term success, from funding to product guidance.  

Silicon Catalyst supplies the startups we incubate with goods and services from our network of in-kind partners to dramatically reduce the cost of development. These goods and services include EDA tools, PDK access, foundry wafers, test equipment, and other critical technical capabilities from our growing network of in-kind partners.

The cornerstones of our model consists of the aforementioned portfolio of in-kind partners along with a vast and valuable mentor network of key seasoned Silicon Valley veterans coupled with strategic partnerships with major tech companies.  This triumvirate of assets provides our startup partners with the greatest opportunity for a successful exit. 

In addition, Silicon Catalyst helps our startups find a path to funding through our connections with venture capitalists, strategic investors, angel groups, and individual investors.