Tarun Verma of Silicon Catalyst delivers keynote at MEPTEC / SEMI Symposium in Santa Clara

Enabling the next generation of semiconductor startups
This is one of the most exciting times to be innovating with semiconductors. Mega-trend opportunities in IoT, biotech, wearables, energy, transportation, and mobile will all have new semiconductor innovation at their core. These markets enable novel and valuable products that do not require leading-edge technologies and enormous R&D budgets. However, many of these startups require innovative packaging solutions both from a product design and technology perspective to meet cost performance and form factor requirements. This presentation will provide real examples and insights into such innovations.

These new semiconductor startups face challenges including fierce competition for funding, expensive design costs, and complex processes for bringing new designs to market. Reducing upfront costs creates startups that become much better investments and follow-on funding can go to true innovation and value creation. Developing an ecosystem of leading companies and experienced individuals that offer needed capabilities under a framework that recognizes the challenges of this space is an approach that is gaining traction. Startups in this space need an ecosystem of silicon experts encompassing tools, testing, packaging, production, and financing to make this happen.

Tarun Verma is a Partner at Silicon Catalyst, where he is an interconnectologist – driving the integration of packaging value proposition onto product portfolio development. He is a semiconductor technical and operations executive with more than 20 years of experience in all aspects of back-end semiconductor engineering including supply chain management and fabless semiconductor operations. Previously he was Senior Director of Packaging Engineering at Altera.