Part Time Electrical Engineer

Job Description

  • Part time electrical engineer for various small projects.
  • Designing reference boards.
  • Job Requirements

    • Must be familiar with various different software programs for schematic capture and layout, and preferably have the software available.
    • Must be familiar with components like switching regulators, micro-controllers, opto-isolators, and others that are similar.
    • Interested candidate, please send your resume to XXXXXX@XXXXXXX and we will contact to you soon.

      Company Overview

      Our Vision is to produce network connected smart energy power management products that enable power savings in LED Lighting.

      ACP's chipsets for LED lighting enable municipalities to drastically reduce power consumption while supporting smart city connectivity in the Internet of Things (IoT).

      ACP will produce unique application specific standard products (ASSP), which provide the highest level of integration, performance, efficiency, and control at a fraction of the cost of a discrete system.