OSCP is looking for driven MS.c or Ph.D. graduates or Ph.D. candidates in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Physics or related fields to launch deep technology startups!

What we do at OSCP

Founded in 2014, OSCP is developing high performance fully integrated optical motion sensors (accelerometers and gyroscopes).

What you will do at OSCP

  • Be on track to become CTO in the company you are building
  • Assemble a world-class team
  • Advance the state of the art in your field for industry applications but with strong encouragements to published in renowned conferences
  • Apply for government grants
  • What you need to get this role

  • Demonstrated entrepreneurial drive
  • Expertise as demonstrated by the number and quality of publications
  • Deep knowledge in micro-optics especially in the field of micro-optical sensors
  • Experience in motion sensors and MEMS is a plus
  • Industry experience is preferred
  • Minimum a Master degree, Ph.D is preferred