Advanced specialty silicon processes now available to Silicon Catalyst Portfolio


Silicon Valley, CA (December 20, 2017) – In recognition of the advanced innovations that semiconductor startups are delivering, TSI Semiconductors and Silicon Catalyst announced that Silicon Catalyst Portfolio Companies now have access to TSI Semiconductors’ advanced exotic processes and custom CMOS technologies for the fabrication of their designs. This new partnership advances the ecosystem that is forming in support of the growing semiconductor start up community into territory typically available only to much larger companies.  

Under the agreement, TSI Semiconductors will provide process libraries, development services, and mask sets to Silicon Catalyst Portfolio Companies at significantly reduced cost. This includes accessible space on scheduled MPW shuttle runs. TSI Semiconductors will work collaboratively with customers to integrate novel materials, unique architectures and devices with the ability to retain their IP in a secure environment.

“The advanced innovations we are seeing coming out of semiconductor companies today is surprising and impressive,” said TSI Semiconductors CEO Bruce Gray. “We are heartened by the strong momentum that is building in this community with the support of Silicon Catalyst, and we are proud to contribute the unique technologies and local bay area presence of TSI to the growing ecosystem supporting these startup companies.”

Silicon Catalyst COO Pete Rodriguez said, “The innovation in the semiconductor startup community is stronger than we have seen in years. They need and deserve access to world class technology, and TSI Semiconductors is delivering exactly that. Our new partnership with TSI Semiconductors will simply add up to more successful new semiconductor companies.”

In the past 24 months, Silicon Catalyst has screened well over 100 start-ups from the U.S., Europe, and Asia. The 14 startups admitted to the incubator are developing innovations in LED, energy, silicon photonics, memory technology, wireless communications, and biomedical devices. 

About TSI Semiconductor

TSI Semiconductors is a world-class semiconductor technology development and production volume CMOS foundry company who is the ideal partner for a wide range of IC projects. Located in close proximity to our customers’ design and engineering teams, we are driving innovation closer to the heart of Silicon Valley.

We empower our customers device manufacturing by providing unprecedented on-site access to our fab floor and equipment. In addition with our flexible technology development services, customers accelerate learning cycles that get their products to market faster through greater control and protection of their technology and IP.

At our 8-inch Roseville, California site, we provide an array of versatile process technologies that include analog/mixed-signal, deep-submicron, high-voltage BCDMOS, and solutions such as novel materials structures and devices. Specialized foundry services include automotive-grade, high-voltage BCDMOS, and technology capabilities utilizing novel materials, structures and devices.

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