March 7, 2017

San Francisco, California

TechCode and Silicon Catalyst Collaboration to Rev Up Semiconductor Start-Up Ecosystem

Incubators combined strength creates unprecedented global support network for silicon-focused start-ups

TechCode, a global network of startup incubators and entrepreneur ecosystems, and Silicon Catalyst, the world’s leading incubator focused on silicon and electronics systems, today announces a partnership to support startups set to deliver innovative silicon and electronics systems. Leveraging the unique strengths of each program, startups from the TechCode cohort can utilize the Silicon Catalyst extensive semiconductor ecosystem to develop products in a variety of industries including healthcare, robotics, artificial intelligence and more, while Silicon Catalyst startups benefit from TechCode locations and investor network.

“As TechCode’s startups today increasingly focus on innovations that require tapping into the semiconductor ecosystem, Siilcon Catalyst will provide a critical element vital to the success of these startups,” said TechCode CEO Erica Huang. “No one has built a better position in this ecosystem than Silicon Catalyst and we’re thrilled to add them to our growing list of best-in-class partners in an effort to further assist the startups in our global accelerator programs.”

With an extensive global network of incubators across locations such as Silicon Valley, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Seoul, Berlin, Finland and Tel Aviv, TechCode is uniquely capable of helping startups scale globally. To help startups enter the China market, TechCode has a strategic partnership with CFLD, a leader in investment and operation of new industrial cities. CFLD integrates industry, university, research, government and finance resources in over 40 industrial new cities across the world.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley and servicing startups globally, Silicon Catalyst also offers silicon-focused startups opportunities to partner with leading industry players such as TSMC, Synopsys and Texas Instruments to provide guidance and connections throughout the semiconductor ecosystem. With the focus on developing an ecosystem that makes it feasible for semiconductor and electronic systems startups to thrive, the TechCode and Silicon Catalyst partnership will further allow participating startups to spur innovation in the semiconductor industry.

“TechCode’s extensive global reach will allow us to work with entrepreneurs around the world as the startup ecosystem rapidly expands beyond Silicon Valley,” said Silicon Catalyst CEO Rick Lazansky. “The TechCode worldwide presence provides an opportunity for global incubation at any of the TechCode’s international locations for Silicon Catalyst’s startups.”

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About TechCode

Focusing on incubator operation management and technology startup cultivation, TechCode is committed to building the world's leading entrepreneurship ecosystem. Integrating a wide range of global resources, TechCode has established incubators in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guan, Silicon Valley, Seoul, Finland, Tel Aviv and Berlin to help get its startup members on their feet and grow rapidly.

About CFLD

CFLD (China Fortune Land Development Co, Ltd) integrates five resources: industry, university, research, government and finance in over 40 industrial new cities across the world. Depending on the layout of its business partner they pioneer an innovative technology chain including incubation—acceleration—industrialization—commercialization, providing full support to entrepreneurs from the “first step” to “every step” of entrepreneurship to the last mile.