Joel Rosenberg

Global Semiconductor / IP Business Development

Joel has 35+ years semiconductor/IP experience, including global business development, sales, product line management and engineering. He has held senior management positions at ARM, Virage Logic (Synopsys), Concurrent Logic (Atmel), WSI (ST), Signetics (Philips), MMI (AMD) and Fairchild. His expertise includes Memory, FPGA, MCU, Interface, SOC, and Intellectual Property. Joel has published papers in the areas of non-volatile memory, reconfigurable FPGA design, and design security. He holds a BSECE from UC Santa Barbara & MBA from Santa Clara University.

Joel currently has Leadership and/or Advisory Roles with the following organizations:

  • IPbiz2biz SM - Managing Director (Global IP business development company)

  • CamverTech - Managing Partner (Global IP licensing company)

  • Iprova - Business Development Consultant (AI-based invention acceleration company)

  • Advisor – Silicon Catalyst (Semiconductor Incubator)